Information to Share

No matter where we go, it is true that when we arrive there, we will realize, if we keep our eyes open, that God was already there. If we are not careful, we may fall into the trap of either having “savior complexes” or wanting to “colonize” the people to whom and with whom we do ministry.


In the above graphic we see a small church being held. We remember that the Church Institution may be something that we steward and help guide, but it is foremost a gift of God, held by God.

The second picture is a “send” icon, as present in many online and electronic applications. It is a reminder that who are present within the Institution are first gifted and privileged with things, and then we send these things outward from us.

The third, small graphic is of a family in transit. It is a reminder that we are merely serving as a function of the Body of Christ, connecting to children of God who are living out the function of the immigrant.

We should work against making value judgments towards people, based on the functions they play out — whether they are embedded or uprooted, new or established, living legacies of our State or immigrants to it. Beneath the surface of color, creed, and commonalities we are all children of God.

As we consider these truths, let us do all that we can to connect with our immigrant neighbors.

Here is a link to a file that has many different resources for our immigrant brothers and sisters and also for you who connect with them. Use them in the knowledge that we are all children of God, separated largely by the mere date our families immigrated to this place.